Feature Friday: SeneGence Self-Bronzing Coconut Milk

Today’s featured product is the SeneGence Self-Bronzing Coconut Milk! I secretly identify as a vampire which means that I do not like the sun. I like gray, cloudy days! Some people think I’m crazy, but all I’m going say is that the rain doesn’t burn my skin, give me a headache, or give me a stomachache!

That being said, I also don’t want to stand against a white wall and completely blend in. I may be a vampire, but I’m a vain vampire. (Order yours here.)

This is where SeneGence Self-Bronzing Coconut Milk comes in. This spray is amazing at adding 2-3 shades of color to your natural skin tone. The best part is that it doesn’t turn orange! I’ve tried a ton of bronzers and with how pasty white my skin is, a lot of them make me look like I should be starring in some sort of “Housewives” show.  Or, based on the skin tone, they make me look like *I* could be president someday.

NOT the SeneGence Self-Bronzing Coconut Milk! It warms up the look of my skin nicely and it also fades nicely! This coconut milk is the perfect addition to the #lazybetty lifestyle. No need to go fake bake to get that fun, healthy tan!

senegence-tanning-spray senegence-self-tanning-bronzing-coconut-milk

Order yours here. SeneGence-Bronzing-Spray

But wait! There’s more!

The Bronzing Coconut Milk also has our patented SenePlex Complex which means that your skin will look younger and healthier! :O You really couldn’t ask for a better tanning spray. Order yours here.

Yours truly,

Lazy Betty

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