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The information in this post is only for bloggers and micro-bloggers (eg IG, FB, or Twitter only).

Also, this is only for people who want to start or continue earning money on their blogs.

I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and I’ve always been looking for ways to monetize my blog. Through affiliate links, Adsense, sponsored posts, etc. So far, I’ve made what my mom calls “drinking money.” A couple hundred bucks a month – just enough to buy a couple drinks every weekend. :)

Since I started selling SeneGence in October, things have changed drastically. We’re not allowed to share numbers because the company doesn’t want anything to be viewed as an income guarantee. (Totally understandable.) So let’s just say…it’s definitely more than drinking money. Or, I can drink a shitload more now. LOL.

The great thing about SeneGence is the products stand out as remarkable among other similar companies. I did Mary Kay many eons ago and the products are good, but they’re not amazing. Not like LipSense is.

Some weeks, it feels like I’m selling LipSense left and right! Random people contact me online. The Starbucks Barista asks for my website. Coworkers seek me out. It’s insane!

The even better part is that SeneGence barely has a fraction of the distributors that other direct sales companies have. There is a ton of room in the market for growth.

Here are the highlights about Senegence:

Been in business since 1996.

Makers of LipSense, the most mind-blowing lipstick on the market. (Watch this video for proof:

Fastest growing direct sales company for the last few years. (Despite outdated packaging and websites. The product is just that good.)

Benefits of joining my team:

I’m lazy. LOL. No really, I promise that’s a benefit. I find the *easiest* way to get things done. I share my marketing ideas and tips with my team.

I have team incentives to help your business succeed.

I do NOT condone being a slimey salesperson. Gross, tacky people have no place on my team. I will help you make sales without being spammy and without pissing off your friends and family.

Other tidbits:

We have the best commission structure in the business. There are also company-wide incentives like free trips (this year it’s to Disneyworld!!), free cars, free product, and more. The original founder of the company is still running the business which means her vision of supporting women still shines throughout the company.

Bonus for your spouse and kids and pets:

Since LipSense is transfer-proof, you can kiss them (or you know…whatever ;) )Without getting lipstick all over them! This is my husband’s favorite part of the business. :)

The nuts and bolts:

The sign-up fee is $55. This will include all your training materials from corporate. The wholesale discount is 20-50%, depending on the size of your order. Worried about building an inventory? Don’t worry – I already have a training video for that. :)

There are NO order minimums so if you’re having a tight month, you don’t need to put in a big order to stay ‘active.’

There are NO sales quotas. Lots of women start slowly. You’re welcome to go balls to the wall right away, but you’re also welcome to dip your toe in and see how the water is.


Emil me at bettysbeautybombs at gmail dot com and I’ll get you started or answer any questions you might still have.

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