Cat Eye Sunglasses #lazybetty style

{Press Sample} sent me this killer pair of shades to review for you. While they do sell prescription eyeglasses online and sunglasses, I usually wear contacts so opted for prescription-less lenses.

Before you read any further, you MUST KNOW that the is offering my readers 50% off for all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses only throughout their website (with the exception of sales frames.)

Use code GSHOT50 to buy yours HALF OFF.


I was immediately attracted to this company since all the shopping is done online and you don’t have to talk to a human. LOL. God, sometimes humans can be awful. ROFL. This site is perfect for the #lazybetty lifestyle.

For prescriptions, you’d just plug in your prescription info from your eye doctor and your pupillary distance. (Your eye doc can measure that for you during your appointment.) Then, surprisingly quickly, your new frames show up to your doorstep!cat-eye-sunglasses-review

I opted to try these cat-eye, purple sunglasses because…well DUH. JUST LOOK AT THEM.  HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THESE SUNGLASSES.

Also, they have mirror lenses which means I can stare at hotties all day every day and nobody will be the wiser. If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.sunglasses-review

My husband pointed out that the frames match my hair. I was like, “No duh! That’s why I picked them!”online-sunglasses

They have a wide variety of styles and lenses available so go save 50% off. When you get your glasses in the mail, make sure to tag #lazybetty so I can see your new killer frames!!

Thanks again to the for reaching out to me. Summer is just around the corner and I was in dire need of some new frames!

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