Sky Organics Bath Bombs Review

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Sky Organics sent me their bath bombs gift set to review for you! First of all, I have to tell you that this package smelled freaking amazing. My dogs really wanted to check it out. They were super interested! It smelled like a delicious candy factory.

As of the time of this writing, this gift set is available on Amazon and is even eligible for same day delivery. (God bless Amazon!)

sky-organics-bath-bombs bath-bombs

The 6 scents included in this package are a nice variety. I really loved each one so I can’t pick a favorite one. I decided to use Strawberry Milkshake first because I wanted to bring the boys to the

Don’t mind my old, outdated bathtub. My house was built in 1928, ok?

This pink water is freaking gorgeous! And in even better news….These don’t stain your tubs!! My tub stains really, really easily (1928, remember?) so even though these are touted as non-staining, I was still worried. I’m happy to report that my tub is still the gross off-white color of ancient bathtubs and not hot pink! (Although, maybe that would have been an improvement.)

Yes, I absolutely recommend these bath bombs. The ingredients did a great job of moisturizing my skin. My feet have actually never felt softer! (Normally my feet have the same texture as sandstone.)

Thanks again to Sky Organics for sending this gift set my way!

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