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IT Cosmetics sent me their Confidence in Your Glow Palettes to review for you! The concept is that it’s your blush, bronzer, and highlighter in one sweep. They also sent me the heavenly skin one sweep wonder brush that pairs with the palettes.


I found that this really isn’t a one-sweep situation. The palette is wider than the brush so you literally can’t get all three colors on the brush at the same time. (Sorry, IT Cosmetics! You know I love you! But it just doesn’t work like that in this palette!)

Additionally, I’m really not a huge fan of this brush. Normally, I love the IT Cosmetics brushes and I use them loyally every day. However, something about this brush drives me crazy. Not only are the palettes too wide for it, but this brush is just downright cumbersome to use. It’s the right size for my face, but I didn’t like how it picked up too much product (the short, thick bristles caused that).it-cosmetics-review it-cosmetics-glow-review

Despite my issues with the brush, I actually really like the palettes themselves. The product is good! I use my regular blush brushes to apply the colors in three different steps, though. It’s just the way I like it.

Confidence in Your Glow comes in three different shades: Warm Glow, Natural Glow, and Nude Glow. They are all quite close in color so there’s no reason to buy all three. Just find the one that matches your contouring style and pick that one.

It-Cosmetics-Contour-Palette it-cosmetics-brush-review

Overall, these palettes do give a nice glow but I would not call it a one-sweep system. The wideness of the palettes and the brush don’t match! :)it-cosmetics-glow-reviews

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