Drugstore Essentials

{Press Sample}

I have a handful of drugstore products to show you today. All of these were sent to me for review purposes.

First, the John Frieda Frizz Ease. This styling foam is meant to be a leave-in product where you let your hair air dry. Sounds like a dream for a #lazybetty like me, right?


Well, unfortunately, no product can magically make my hair have curls. So, according to my friends, I ended up looking like a homeless person who hadn’t showered in a while. Hardly a glowing recommendation. Sorry, John Frieda! I love you for other things!

Speaking of John Frieda, I was also sent this dry shampoo. Now, I don’t really need dry shampoo because my hair is already dry and there is rarely any excess oil I need to soak up. However, I love using this product because it smells divine. Even my husband commented on how much he likes the smell…and let’s just say he doesn’t comment all that much. So that means it really made an impression!


Ban deodorant. This was a serendipitous press sample because I’ve recently become really unhappy with my current deodorant. It wasn’t doing its MAIN JOB. I felt like a stinky betty all the time. The first day I tried this Ban roll-on deodorant I was really impressed. But, I seem to get used to deodorants and they stop working. This isn’t happening with Ban! I’m so thrilled! Especially since the summer months are coming up and it’s going to be hot! BO + Heat = I have no more friends. So, I’m really glad I got sent this!ban-deodorant

I’m really not one for things that take planning and commitment. Hence the rebrand to Lazy Betty! So, I’m going to be completely honest here – I haven’t tried these. Sorry! You have to apply them to clean skin (which means I have to wash my face) and then let it sit for like 20 minutes and then wash your face again. WTF. Ain’t nobody got time for that! In true #lazybetty fashion, I’m going to pass on these – just like I pass on all face masks, peels, etc. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks like this!look-beauty-eye-repair

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