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I was sent this new subscription box from Hustle Humble. This box is geared toward entrepreneurs. Since I’m a double entrepreneur, I was excited to see what the box was all about! The box comes out on a monthly basis. Based on what is in my sample box, I think this would have been the March box even though I was sent it in April.

The box also comes with a mini magazine that has a little bit of story behind each of the products. Each product selected is from another entrepreneur like me…or you! The magazine also has little tips about being successful. It’s a fun little booklet!


The March theme was #strikegold and there are some pretty cute items in here! The tie is from Korbata, a Guatemalan brand, made by various indigenous communities.

The Aminocare Ageless Eye Cream is from a company founded in Texas.

The drink Kozy is from Freaker USA and it’s a one size fits all sweater for your drinks! They have a ton of designs.

The shamrock earrings are from Green Tree Jewelry which was founded to provide affordable, fun jewelry from sustainable sources in the US.


Voke Vitalizes are little chewable tablets that are meant to give you energy. I did try one and I’m sad to say these are not for me. I really could have used more energy! I didn’t like the taste and I also didn’t notice any increase in energy. I was still the #lazybetty that I’ve always been. LOL

At first, I had no idea what any of these products had in common. I was pretty confused. LOL. However, after reading the booklet, I think this subscription box is a really cool idea!! There are little tips from each of the companies who have products included. It’s quite inspiring, actually!

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