Daily Habits to do NOW

At work, we were talking about work-life balance and different habits that we could implement to enhance self-care. Here is the list one of my more hilarious colleagues came up with.

  1. Self-appreciation: Buy a gift for myself with a minimum value of $50 each day
  2. Counting Blessings: Each day, think of one person in my life who has it worse off than me. Be thankful I am not them.
  3. Forgiveness: Each day, think of one person who makes my life more challenging because of their stupidity. Forgive them.
  4. Dining Exploration: Explore the menu at McDonalds – eat at least three new items off their menu, per day.
  5. Altruism Exercise: Each day, attempt to impose one of my own personal values on someone else.
  6. Self-care: Say no to someone – every day.
  7. Undercover Philanthropist: Each day, tell a complete stranger an idea you have on how they can improve their physical appearance.

Author: Anne

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