SeneGence Sunday Update + Why is the SeneGence Site So Slow??

Happy Sunday y’all! I’m feeling really emotional about Senegence lately. There are 12 women who are on my team now. There are TWELVE people who have decided they want to by on MY team. That is such an honor; I can’t even put it into words. I feel a lot of responsibility to them – to make sure they succeed. If they make more money than me and recruit more people than me, then I know I will have done my job! :D :D


In other Senegence news, has been excruciatingly slow. Why? Because SO MANY people are logging on ALL THE TIME. This business is going through a huge growth spurt. And the other crazy part? It’s still a little, baby business compared to other direct sales companies! That is just bonkers.

Do you ever wish that you could have bought stock in Apple when Steve Jobs was still playing in his parents’ garage? Or Microsoft when Bill Gates was also in his parents’ garage?? Well, Joni (the inventor of LipSense) isn’t in her parents’ garage, but the business is certainly not as big as it’s going to be! We’re just getting started. That’s how I feel about getting into the LipSense business right now.


I have a degree in business and economics. My day job is all about data, data, data. So, that’s how I view the world. Through an analytical, data-driven lense. Right now, we have a business that can barely keep up with its growth. And you know what? That is every business’s dream! To be SO popular and SO in demand that you’re constantly sold out of products. That as soon as you restock something, it’s gone in days, if not hours or minutes.


So that’s why the site is slow! Their servers can’t handle all the people logging on to buy stuff! :O :O :O (Obviously, they are getting bigger computers!)

Author: Anne

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