Three Ways To Get Back Into Fitness As A Busy Mom


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Three Ways To Get Back Into Fitness As A Busy Mom

Having children is a transformative experience. It shifts a woman’s  priorities and purpose in life. It also changes her body. It can be hard for a mom to feel like the woman she once was when she has children clinging to her new love handles and is forced to buy a bra that’s sized somewhere in the middle of the alphabet.

A busy mom shouldn’t have to worry about her weight. She probably doesn’t have much time to concern herself with it anyway. However, she starts to notice the decline in her fitness level when she gets tired chasing her toddler around the playground or falls into a slump around the middle of the day.

It’s not that easy to get to the gym or even take a walk when the kids are around, however. Nonetheless, it is possible to start a fitness routine amid the chaos of motherhood with these easy steps.

1. Don’t go for the gold.

Some women feel like they just don’t have the time to work out. That’s true if they’re striving to do an hour-long exercise routine. If they start working out in small increments of time, they’ll be more likely to fit it into their schedules.

Doing sets of squats with the baby or watching a 10-minute yoga video on YouTube is easier than heading to the gym for a class. Getting in the habit of doing a little bit every day will likely encourage a woman to want to do more.

2. Dress the part.

There are usually at least a few moms who wear gym clothes to drop off their kids at school. They may not be going to the gym immediately, but they have the right idea. It’s easier for a mom to work in those quick exercise sessions throughout the day when she doesn’t have to change her clothes first.

Wearing clothing that’s functional and fashionable, like the “athleisure” options available at Fabletics, can simplify the transition from grocery shopping to jogging in the park.

3. Remember the rewards.

Mothers are often hard on themselves. It’s easy to succumb to guilt for not doing enough for the kids or not losing the baby weight quickly. Someone who’s just getting into fitness should focus on the small wins and pat herself on the back.

Instead of rewarding herself with a glass of wine, a mom can stick to her fitness goals by revamping her workout gear. The Josie Sweater can be thrown on after a workout to make any mom feel stylish. A new pair of the perfect leggings can make a mom feel luxurious and ridiculously comfortable at the same time.

Mothers who want to get a little more active don’t have to become marathon runners. A little time, some motivating workout clothing and rewards provide the incentive to get healthy so moms can keep up with their kids.

This post was brought to you by Fabletics.

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