Glitter Tips! + Senegence Sunday Update

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Good morning and happy Sunday! I have a simple mani today, but it’s one of my favorite easy looks. I started with two coats of Orly As Seen on TV which is from the La La Land collection. Some people had trouble with this collection being streaky or patchy. I didn’t really experience that. I thought of them as crellies and that helped alter my application. You want to use slightly thicker coats than usual and make sure you’re gliding the brush over your nail and not pressing it down at all. and Orly Explosion of Fun

For the glitter tips, I used Orly Explosion of Fun.

orly-as-seen-on-tv-swatch orly-as-seen-on-tv glitter-tips orly-explosion-of-fun

Speaking of explosions of fun, that’s what’s happening on my SeneGence journey. I got my first commission check in the mail last week. It was three figures! (Apparently, we’re not allowed to say exact amounts. Boo.) Next month’s check is already shaping up to be 4 figures – nearly double what this month’s check was!

On top of that, because it’s not just about the money, I am having so much fun meeting new people and sharing LipSense with them. Everyone is always so amazed by it! I feel like a magician with a really cool trick that is a huge crowd pleaser!

Here is a complication video of my magic trick. :)

Now that you’ve been amazed, here are some links:

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