Troubleshooting LipSense


Is this happening to you? There are a few reasons this happens:

1.) The Exfoliation Process: LipSense does not *cause* your lips to exfoliate. They do that naturally, just like the rest of your skin over your entire body. Products full of wax that sit on top of your lips prevent the pass-through of moisture. This also means it prevents your lips from naturally exfoliating. When you stop using waxy products, your lips need to ‘catch up’ to the exfoliation they’d liked to have been doing this whole time. Exfoliation can last 1-4 weeks, depending on your body. (To help this process speed up, have the mantra of “Glossy Gloss is the new chapstick!”)

2.) Thick Layers: When I tell you to use thin layers, I mean the thinnest layers you can possibly imagine. SO thin. Like crepe paper thin. SO thin that you’re kinda wondering if you’re using any product at all.

3.) Not Enough Gloss: Glossy Gloss (and our other glosses) are your new BFFs. The glosses provide a ton of moisture to your lips. Additionally, it is the only gloss that can soak through the bonded layers of LipSense and actually add moisture to your lip skin. (This is why other glosses don’t work.)

4.) Licking/Biting Your Lips: This kind of abrasion will wear down the product more quickly. If you notice the taste of LipSense, then that’s a sure-fire sign you’re licking or biting your lips. Most people don’t realize they’re doing it. Be conscientious of it and your LipSense will last longer.

LipSense is totally worth working through these problems. I like to call it the Nokia of lipstick. :)


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Author: Anne

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