Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past

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Today, I’m going to show you the Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past collection. This is a very diverse collection and I’m pleased to have it in my polish stash.

Pretty Serious Enchanting Evergreen is a deep green with tiny little shimmers.

pretty-serious-enchanting-evergreen pretty-serious-enchanting-evergreen-swatch

Pretty Serious Mojito is a topper that turns any polish into a shimmery green duochrome. I have it layered here on top of Enchanting Evergreen.

pretty-serious-mojito-swatch pretty-serious-mojito

Pretty Serious Fairy Lights is a super light purpley duochrome. This one might be my favorite in the collection!

pretty-serious-fairy-lights-swatch pretty-serious-fairy-lights

Pretty Serious Tarnished Tinsel is a golden glitter bomb with little bits of red glitter hidden throughout. pretty-serious-tarnished-tinsel pretty-serious-tarnished-tinsel-swatch

Pretty Serious Very Merry Berry is a deep maroon creme.

pretty-serious-verry-merry-berry-swatch pretty-serious-very-merry-berry

Pretty Serious Jack Frost is another topper. This one makes any polish a frosty blue flakey finish. I love this topper and can’t wait to try it on a bunch of different colors.pretty-serious-jack-frost-swatch pretty-serious-jack-frost

Pretty Serious Peace on Earth is a light mint green duochrome. This is a very lovely color. I had a couple issues with the formula being a bit patchy, but it’s a lot more noticeable in these photos than it was in real life.

pretty-serious-peace-on-earth-swatch pretty-serious-peace-on-earth

Pretty Serious Velvet Bow is a gorgeous metallic red one-coater.pretty-serious-velvet-bow pretty-serious-velvet-bow-swatch

This collection is very diverse. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Serious polish and I would encourage you to check some out!

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