Zoya Urban Grunge

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Zoya sent me their Urban Grunge collection to swatch and review for you! I do have some bad news, though. After wearing the very first polish in the collection, I had a terrible break on three of my nails – on my swatching hand! So I had to cut the fourth one down. :( :(

Zoya Finley is a gorgeous, shimmery purple. This is the only one I have swatched with my long nails that I miss so much!

zoya-finley zoya-finley-swatch

And here start the swatches with my short nails. I have to admit, I was pretty upset about the break. I didn’t paint my nails for about a week. (Hence why this swatch post is so delayed!) But, I have to move on and move up so here are my stubby nails sporting the rest of the Zoya Urban Grunge collection.

First, I’m going to show you the cremes. These were all one-coaters, as advertised by Zoya. Hooray! I love it when formulas actually live up to the advertising.

Zoya Noah


Zoya Mallory

zoya-mallory zoya-mallory-swatch

Zoya Courtney

zoya-courtney-swatch zoya-courtney

Zoya Wyatt

zoya-wyatt-swatch zoya-wyatt

Zoya August

zoya-august-swatch zoya-august

Zoya Tara

zoya-tara-swatch zoya-tara

Now, let’s take a look at the metallics. This is my favorite half of the collection. I’m a big fan of metallics. Perhaps it has something to do with me being a 90’s girl?

Zoya Troy

zoya-troy-swatch zoya-troy

Zoya Aliciazoya-alicia-swatch


Zoya Merida

zoya-merida-swatch zoya-merida

Zoya Ash

zoya-britta zoya-britta-swatch

Zoya Brittazoya-ash-swatch zoya-ash

I hope my shortie nails weren’t too unbearable to look at. I have to admit…I might keep them short for a while. I don’t have as much time to pamper my nails anymore. I’ve been focusing on getting my dog training business up and running. I’ve also been working on trying to get back in shape. I’ve gained a ton of weight since my peak fitness level in 2013 and I’d like to get back to walgging (that’s walk-jogging) my 5-6 miles per day. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for nails!

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