OGX Coconut and Argan Oil Collection

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OGX Sent me their coconut collection and argan oil products to review for you. I’ve become a big fan of this brand since I’ve started reviewing for them. Each product I try is pretty great. This collection is my favorite so far because I love the smell so much. Coconut is one of my favorite smells in the whole world!


The argan oil products are fabulous. The argan oil mousse helps my hair hold its style but also does an excellent job of nourishing my hair. It’s like a two-in-one product. I usually use three products after showering – repair, protect, and style. With the argan oil mousse, I felt like I only needed the one product which is certainly more time- and cost-effective!

The argan oil is something I used for freaking everything. It’s actually almost gone! I mixed it with my body wash, I used it for shaving, I put it in my conditioner. It is a multi-tasking monster!

The surf paste was a little heavy for my fine hair, but it was really good at weighing down all the baby hairs along my temple.

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If you like great hair products with a coconut smell, then this collection is for you. I’m really pleased with each product and I’m thrilled OGX sent it to me!

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