Essie Gel Couture Review

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Today, I have an Essie Gel Couture review for you. Essie sent me this new collection which is a 2-step system with no base coat, no lamp, and easy removal.

Whenever I see a “gel” polish line that doesn’t need a curing lamp, I’m a little skeptical. I’ve tried quite a few different lines and none of them lasted any long than normal polish.

Then, in steps Essie Gel Couture. This is a gel-like collection with a special topcoat. So far, this seems like all the rest…but wait until you see the pictures from my wear test.

Essie Haute to Trot is a beautiful bubble gum pink creme. I chose this one to wear first because I love pink and knew I needed to do a wear test with these.

With regular polish, I usually need to change after 48 hours or else I can’t be seen in public. I use my hands way too much and polish chips on me quite quickly. Good thing I like painting my nails because to keep them looking gorgeous, they really need to be done every day.essie-haute-to-trot-swatch

Here is a pic of my nails after 4 whole days of wear. I taught dog training classes (puppy teeth are brutal on nail polish), went to a Doctor Who convention, did the dishes, and cleaned. All while wearing this polish.

After 4 days, it looks THE SAME AS IT DID ON DAY ONE. essie-gel-couture-review


This formula skyrocketed Essie up to my favorite list. I will absolutely be adding more Essie Gel Couture colors to my collection. In the meantime….let’s take a look at the other colors Essie sent me.

Essie Rock the Runway is a classic red creme.

essie-rock-the-runway essie-rock-the-runway-swatch

The other fabulus thing about this line is it has my favorite kind of brush. I get the best application with a flat, tapered brush. When I use a brush like this, I have little to no cleanup to do! Hooray!essie-gel-couture-reviews

Essie On the List is a lovely coral creme.

essie-on-the-list essie-on-the-list-swatch

Essie Surrounded by Studs is a deep, deep blue. I thought it was a creme, but when I saw it in the sunlight, it almost has a metallic sheen to it.

essie-surrounded-by-studs-swatch essie-surrounded-by-studs

Essie Drop the Gown is a burgandy creme.

essie-drop-the-gown-swatch essie-drop-the-gown

Essie Zip Me Up is one of my favorites. Pearlescent finish seems to be really trendy right now because it is also in a recent OPI and China Glaze collection. This is the green version. :)

essie-zip-me-up essie-zip-me-up-swatch

Essie Gala-Vanting is a deep oxblood creme.

essie-gala-vanting essie-gala-vanting-swatch

Essie Spool Me Over is a light coral, almost nude color.

essie-spool-me-over essie-spool-me-over-swatch

Essie Pearls of Wisdom is a metallic finish that has some brown tones but is also red. It’s really quite a lovely and interesting color.

essie-pearls-of-wisdom-swatch essie-pearls-of-wisdom

Essie Touch Up is a light lilac creme.

essie-touch-up essie-touch-up-swatch

I’m so happy that Essie sent this collection my way. These are going to be polishes that I reach for all the time. Have you had a chance to try this formula yet?

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