Rimmel Brow this Way Review

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Rimmel sent me their Brow This Way sculpting kit and the brow gel. I’m always trying to perfect my eyebrows so I jumped at the chance to review these. Rimmel can be found in drugstores nationwide.

rimmel-brow rimmel-brow-this-way

I found the Brow This Way sculpting kit incredibly easy to use. On the right, it has powder and on the left is a thicker wax for setting the brows. I am wearing the kit in the following picture. I like the look. Please ignore my bald spot. Literally, no hair grows there. It’s wildly hard to blend and hide. You’ve probably noticed it before….and if you haven’t, then I shouldn’t have even said anything!


Here I am wearing the brow gel. I used a brow powder first to fill in my very sparse brows. I don’t like the brush for the brow gel. It’s huge. I like my brow gels to have small spooly brushes for easy application. I won’t be using this brow gel again.

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If you’re looking for a new brow product, check out the sculpting kit! I’ve been wearing it nearly every day since I got it in the mail for review!

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