Pretty Serious Swatches

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Pretty Serious sent me a whole haul of polishes to swatch and do nail art with for you! You have already seen a few of these as I’ve been showing off the new It Girl Stamping plates. But here are all the swatches in their pure beauty! Many of these are from older collections but the whole Serious Business collection is in this post. The Serious Business collection is beautiful and the names are awesome (as usual)!

Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid was a polish created for a special purpose. One of the women in the fan group got a new job that only allowed neutral tones. This is really upsetting news to any polish addict! So Pretty Serious created this neutral toned polish that appears to be a regular mauve creme…but if you look at it in certain lights…there are gorgeous green shimmers there! This is a perfect way to go incognito with a shimmery polish. :)

pretty-serious-undercover-mermaid-swatch pretty-serious-undercover-mermaid

Undercover Mermaid Can’t Take the Sky is a fabulous blue creme. Absolutely fabulous.

pretty-serious-can't-take-the-sky pretty-serious-can't-take-the-sky-swatch

Pretty Serious Use the Quartz, Lonestar! is a very, very light pink. It’s almost white. This one is a fabulous base for nail art!!

pretty-serious-use-the-quartz-lonestar pretty-serious-use-the-quartz-lonestar-swatch

 Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher is a purple jelly polish packed with purple microglitters. I love microglitter polish because it always has so much depth and this one is no exception.

pretty-serious-purple-monkey-dishwasher pretty-serious-purple-monkey-dishwasher-swatch

Pretty Serious Dupe is a black jelly with multi-colored and shaped glitters in it.

pretty-serious-dupe-swatch pretty-serious-dupe

Pretty Serious No-Buy is obviously part of the Serious Business collection. :) Despite the name, you should buy this polish. It’s a lovely rusty red shimmer and will be perfect for the fall and winter!

pretty-serious-no-buy-swatch pretty-serious-no-buy

Pretty Serious Destash is another from the new collection. This is a vibrant pink with a blue flame effect. If I had to pick some favorites from this post, Destash would definitely be in the top.

pretty-serious-destash pretty-serious-destash-swatch

Pretty Serious Free Sample is a light baby pink with a hint of pearlescent shimmer. pretty-serious-free-sample-swatch pretty-serious-free-sample

Pretty Serious HTF is a brown-toned jelly with flaky glitters in it. This is another one that has a ton of depth!

pretty-serious-htf-swatch pretty-serious-htf

Pretty Serious Epic Haul is a cheerful green with pink shimmers. I actually wore this one to my brother-in-law’s military retirement ceremony. As many of you already know, I have bright pink and purple hair. Let’s just say that I felt like a neon sign amongst all the men and women in their BDU’s!pretty-serious-epic-haul-swatch pretty-serious-epic-haul

As usual, the formula for these polishes was great. Pretty Serious runs a bit thick as a general rule because of how much pigment she packs into each polish.

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