Kusshi Cosmetic Bags Review

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Kusshi Cosmetic Travel Bags sent me their brush bag and storage bag to review and share with you. The bags are washable (hooray!) and keep everything organized and protected in various compartments. kusshi

These come in a choice of fabrice or leather, both of which have an orange-red lining. The external colors come in blue, black, red, and pink. I was sent the blue, fabric bags for this review.



As I was opening the bags to photograph them, I could tell that they were probably the highest quality makeup bags I’ve ever used. Most of my cosmetics are used to being stored in cheap tupperware or other plastic bags. I think my makeup is going to feel rather spoiled! kusshi-review kusshi-cosmetic-bag


The brush bag has pockets for lots of different brushes. It rolls up nicely, even when full. kusshi-brush-bag kusshi-brush-pouch

Here is how I’ve decided to use my Kusshi bags:

I have a ton of brushes. More than any one human should own. Good thing I have my very own Kusshi bag to keep them protected and safe until I need them! Before Kusshi, they were literally rolling around in a drawer in my bathroom. They were getting dirty, bent and ruined. By keeping them protected and clean in this high-quality bag, I probably won’t ever need to buy another face brush again!



As promised, the brush bag rolls up neatly, even when full. I actually have more brushes in here than is shown in the picture above and it STILL closes into a neat little package. As I was cleaning out my drawer, I realized that I have way, way more brushes than I thought. Oops!kusshi-makeup-brush-bag


The larger bag is being used to store all the random stuff in that drawer that was also just floating around, getting dirty. My dentist insists on giving me stuff everytime I visit, so I’ve amassed quite the little collection of toothbrushes and samples. I seriously have like 6 toothbrushes in here.  Why do I need all these toothbrushes?!kusshi-storage-bag


I really wish I would have taken a picture of the drawer before I cleaned it out. That is my big regret for today. It was a right mess. Now I can actually find what I’m looking for, and I know what’s in there! Now time to go do the same thing with the rest of the house! Just kidding. I’m going to paint my nails.kusshi-cosmetic-bags

Kusshi went live on Kickstarter on June 27th. Once the project is funded, bags will begin getting shipped at the end of November to ensure holiday delivery. These would be a great holiday present!

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