Veil Cosmetic Complexion Fix

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Veil Cosmetics sent me their Complexion Fix brush to test and review for you. This can be used as a corrector, concealer, or highlighter! Veil Cosmetics was started by a makeup artist named Sebastien Tardif who has a passion for a fresh take on weightless, superior makeup.


Veil’s mission is to reveal gorgeous skin, not mask it and does this through multi-tasking skin care cosmetics.

veil-highlighter veil-concealer veil-complexion-correcter-review


I used the brush to tab on the Complexion Fix where I usually apply concealer. I do this step after I have applied a BB creme and my liquid foundation (using a Beauty Blender).


The Veil Complexion Fix has a very thin, almost runny but not quite, formula. I am used to heavier concealers to mask my dark circles. I was actually a bit skeptical this formula would work for me at all.


I was rather surprised that the Veil product could do a decent job of covering up my dark circles. I also used it on top of a few acne scars that I have.


Overall, this is a great lightweight product. It works a lot harder than most lightweight products I’ve tried. It’s definitely worth a try if you like a lightweight makeup even though you might have harder-to-cover blemishes.

This comes in 12 different colors and is oil-free and hypoallergenic. It’s water based and paraben free.

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