Random Swatches!

{Purchased by Me}

I’ve been compiling a random collection of swatches. None of them really warranted their own full post, but now that I have four, I figured you might like to see them. :)

Butter London Slapper – This is an old photo! Back when I was wearing my midi ring. I stopped wearing it because the center “diamond” fell out. :( :(



Venique Bursting from the Seams. This one kind of has a satin finish even though I did use topcoat. I like the look!venique-bursting-at-the-seams-swatch


Sally Hansen Mint Tint. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had this one. I think it’s been sitting in my drawer for at least a year! Oops!

sally-hansen-mint-tin-swatch sally-hansen-mint-tint

Picture Polish Douceur. I’ve had this one forĀ years. This is the first time I wore it. I can’t believe I didn’t break out this beauty ages ago! It’s a great nude with some fun purple glitters!!!


Thanks for stopping by today. I know my postings have been less consistent. Starting my own dog training company is taking up craploads of time. I only paint my nails 5 days a week now! WHAT?! It used to be every day! But I just don’t have that much time any more. (Cue sad violins here)

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