Arbonne Brow Products Review

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Arbonne sent me two of their brow products to review for you! I received the Shape It Up Brow Pencil in medium brown and the Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream in Medium Brown.

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The lightweight, flexible cream brushes onto brows easily. You will want to ensure you have a great brow shape already. You can’t really create a shape with this product; it really just enhances the color of what’s already there. I’ve been going regularly to the Benefit Brow Bar so luckily I don’t look like a total mountain man with my brows. arbonne-tinted-brow-cream

The brow pencil glides on easily and smoothly. You can create strong or soft brown lines with this pencil. One end is a brow brush so you can blend it and pull the pencil through your brow hairs. arbonne-brow-pencil arbonne-brow-pencil-review

I’ve always had trouble with my brows. The hairs are very thin and sparse so it’s easy for my brows to look drawn-on or balding or just plain bad.

This is the first day I used the Arbonne brow products. I used the pencil and the cream together. I think my brows look ok. I’d like a little more definition and eveness.


Here’s another day of using the Arbonne pencil. This time, I skipped the cream. I think my brows look better here, although I can always work on my technique. arbonne-brow-pencil-reviews

Even though both products are called medium brown, the gel is much darker than the pencil. If you want the colors to match, keep that in mind when you’re purchasing.

Arbonne started in Switzerland in 1975 and came to the US in 1980. They have numerous personal care products in addition to their new brow products. Visit for more info.

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