OPI Alice in Wonderland Selections

{Purchased by Me}

I wasn’t going to do it, but I just had to pick up some of the OPI Alice in Wonderland polishes. This collection is pretty basic which is why I wasn’t interested in it at first. But for you, dear reader, I guesssss I’ll buy more polish.


After swatching the 5 I got, I realized that this collection has one of the ugliest polishes I’ve ever seen in my life….and one of the prettiest. Damn. What a roller coaster of emotion!

Let’s start with the ugliest. OPI A Mirror Escape is hidious. These pics don’t do justice to its ugliness. It’s like it’s trying to be a texture polish and failed miserably.




I think it looks like mold spores. Except mold spores are more interesting to look at.


Now let’s look at the rest of the ones I picked up. They are not nearly as atrocious as the first one I showed you! I bought a 4-pack of mini bottles.

This is OPI Oh My Majesty which is my faaaavorite from the collection. It’s this pearlescent white polish that is just frickin’ gorgeous.

opi-oh-my-majesty opi-oh-my-majesty-swatch

The rest of the polishes I bought are all cremes…

OPI The I’s Have It is a nice, light blue creme.

opi-theis-have-it-swatch opi-the-is-have-it

OPI I’m Gown For Anything is a super light lilac.

opi-i'm-gown-for-anything-swatch opi-i'm-gown-for-anything

OPI Having a Big Head Day is a creamy red.

opi-having-a-big-head-day-swatch having-a-big-head-day

Overall, this collection is really “meh.” There’s only one worth getting and that’s Oh My Majesty. The rest are just so basic. And avoid that Mirror one like the plague! So Gross!

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