Colleen Rothschild Skincare Review

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Colleen Rothschild sent me their cleansing balm and renewal cream to review for you.


The cleansing balm comes in a jar and has a consistency similar to lip balm.colleen-rothschild-cleansing-balm

It also comes with a muslin cloth. The instructions say to apply the balm to your face, then get the muslin cloth wet with warm water. Place the muslin cloth on your face for a mini-facial. colleen-rothschild-cleansing-balm-review

The renewal cream doesn’t have any special instructions – it’s a pretty standard moisturizer. colleen-rothschild-sheer-renewal-cream

The balm smells really nice and did a decent job of getting my makeup off. I really enjoyed letting it sit for a moment with the warm muslin cloth on top. It was very relaxing!


My skin felt softer and smoother after using the balm and the renewal creme. colleen-rothschild-cleansing-balm-reviews

It could have done a better job getting my eye makeup off. However, my eye liner is notoriously difficult to remove so it’s a lofty goal for any face cleanser to accomplish.

Author: Anne

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