Zoya Sunsets and Seashells Collection

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The Zoya Sunsets and Seashells collection is the newest release from Zoya. The collection contains 12 polishes – 6 cremes and 6 pixie dusts.


Also this time, Zoya sent along two of their lipsticks! I hadn’t ever tried any Zoya lipsticks before so I was pretty excited to check these out.zoya-lipsticks-review

Zoya Mellie is a pink-red lipstick. I was very impressed with how creamy these are.


Zoya Candy is hot pink. It went on smoothly and stayed for quite a while!


On the left is Mellie and on the right is Candy.zoya-lipstick-review

Zoya Cam is a cheerful orange coral.

zoya-cam zoya-cam-swatch

Zoya Ness is a nice green creme.

zoya-ness zoya-ness-swatch

Zoya Brynn is my favorite of the cremes, it being a bright pink of course!

zoya-brynn zoya-brynn-swatch

Zoya Dixie is a lovely red toned creme.

zoya-dixie zoya-dixie-swatch

Zoya Dory is a sky blue creme.

zoya-dory zoya-dory-swatch

And I couldn’t help but think of this meme the whole time I was wearing Zoya Dory!dory-nail-polish-meme

Zoya Liv is a beautiful purple.

zoya-Liv zoya-liv-swatch

Zoya Tilly is a silver pixie dust with blue sparkles.

zoya-tilly zoya-tilly-swatch

Zoya Linds is a cherry red texture. This one reminds me a bit of the holidays.

zoya-linds zoya-linds-swatch

Zoya Zooey is my favorite of the pixie dusts. It has a lovely golden shimmer to it.

zoya-zooey zoya-zooey-swatch

Zoya Cece is a smashing and cheerful bright green.

zoya-cece zoya-cece-swatch

Zoya Levi is a nice nude texture.

zoya-levi zoya-levi-swatch

Zoya Bay is a beautiful light blue texture.

zoya-bay zoya-bay-swatch

I like the textures in this collection better than the cremes. I think they are more interesting to look at and wear.

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