Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box

{Purchased by Me}

I splurged and got the Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box! I have a huge stash of lotions and balms…but I couldn’t resist a princess-themed box! This box came with 12 items (that’s a lot!!!)


Sunny’s Lip Saver in Almost There. I really like her lip balms but they do melt really easily so you have to be careful about putting them in your pocket on hot days. :)


Sunny’s Body Balm in Bring Honor to Us. This smells clean and fresh. It reminds me of things usually labeled “rain” as a scent. I typically use this balm on my feet because the chapstick-style package makes it easy to run on.


Sunny’s Hand Scrub in The Lost Princess. This one smells sweet. Probably something to do with the sugar. ;)


Sunny’s Bath Whip in Wishing Well. This smells similar to the beach and suntan lotion. I put a little dollap on my loofah and use this in the shower.


Sunny’s Miracle Balm in Be Our Guest. This one smells like flowers and citrus.


Sunny’s Hand Butter in Glass Slippers. My husband says this smells like his boss. I have no idea what that means. Whatever Lori’s lotion is….it smells like this. LOL. It smells a little flowery but not too overwhelming. It’s nice.


Sunny’s Lip Scrub in Pink Dress, Blue Dress. This smells like fruit and a hint of vanilla. I can’t wait to eat it…I mean try it tomorrow morning in the shower.


Sunny’s Dry Spot Healer in Colors of the Wind. This one reminds me of laundry but my husband says he thinks it smells like scratch and sniff stickers.

sunnys-dry-spot-healerSunny’s Triple Thick Body Lotion in You Want Thingamabobs? This smells light and flowery.


Sunny’s Hand Lotion in Let It Go. This smells like peppermint and baby powder.


Sunny’s Intensive Cuticle Therapy in Be Brave. My husband says it smells like fun. “It smells like how bouncy balls taste” according to him. I, personally, have never eaten a bouncy ball so I can’t speak to the analogy.


Sunny’s Cuticle Oil in A Whole New World. My husband says, “I can’t smell anything. The new world smells like nothing.” Then, I swatched it on my arm and he said, “It smells like body.” Then, he swatched it on himself and said, “It smells like flowers. But different flowers than the other ones.” He also said it smells like maroon velvet. (WTF??)

Do you think my husband has a career in describing scents? LOL


Author: Anne Smith

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