Michael Todd Soniclear Review

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Michael Todd sent me their Soniclear Petite device to review for you. This is a battery-operated face brush. The kit also comes with the Michael Todd cleansing milk.


The brushes stay clean and fresh for 6 months before needing to be replaced! This Soniclear has a timer embedded so you know when it’s time to move to the next section of your face. It also has three speeds so you can get the right feel for your skin. Plus, it’s cordless and waterproof so you can use it in the shower.michael-todd-soniclear-petite

I prefer using it in the shower since it does splash onto the bathroom counter when you use it over the sink.

This little guy gets my face superĀ  clean. This is the first time in my makeup-wearing life where there aren’t remnants of foundation on my face towel! It doesn’t get all my makeup off since I don’t put the brush right on my eye, but it scrubs off everything else! My face is pretty happy about that.

I have sensitive skin so I’m pretty cautious about what I use on my face. The bristles in the Michael Todd SoniClear are quite soft so they don’t irritate my skin. Hooray!

I really enjoy using this. It is going to be in my beauty-arsenal permanently!michael-todd-soniclear-review

Author: Anne

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