Cupcake Polish Butterfly Collection

{Purchased by Me}

Today I have the Cupcake Polish Butterfly Collection to show you today. This is a collection of spring colors…all of which are a holo finish. And, if anyone knows how to do a holo polish, it is Cupcake Polish!

Cupcake Polish Metamorphosis

This is the only one where the sun was out when I wore it. You can see the amazing holo flare so easily! All six polishes have the same, strong, and gorgeous holo.

cupcake-polish-metamorphosis-sunlight cupcake-polish-metamorphosis-swatch cupcake-polish-metamorphosis

Cupcake Polish Transformation

cupcake-polish-transformation-swatch cupcake-polish-transformation

Cupcake Polish Hatch of the Day

cupcake-polish-hatch-of-the-day-swatch cupcake-polish-hatch-of-the-day

Cupcake Polish Little Butterfly

cupcake-polish-little-butterfly cupcake-polish-little-butterfly-swatch

Cupcake Polish Cocoon

cupcake-polish-cocoon cupcake-polish-cocoon-swatch

Cupcake Polish Time to Fly

cupcake-polish-time-to-fly cupcake-polish-time-to-fly-swatch

Obviously I love this collection. Each polish is gorgeous and I’m a huge sucker for holos!

Author: Anne Smith

Blogging about makeup, dogs, and mostly NAIL POLISH!