GlitterDaze You Were Mermaid for This

{Purchased by Me}

As you may already know, I’ve started my own dog training business. I’ve been taking a close examination at all my finances to see what expenses can be cut. Each time I consider cutting the Daze of the Month subscription from GlitterDaze, she comes out with a f*cking gorgeous polish! Damn her! Damn her and her gorgeous polishes!!!!

This month, the polish is GlitterDaze You Were Mermaid for This. It’s a lovely light purple with a variety of shard glitters in it. I did need three thin coats for full opacity due to the jelly-like finish of the base. I loved wearing this polish and I love looking at it still. It’s simply beautiful. And I am now stuck being a Daze of the Month subscriber, despite trying to cut expenses!!!

glitterdaze-you-were-mermaid-for-this glitterdaze-you-were-mermaid-for-this-swatch

Author: Anne

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