Trust Fund Beauty – The Pink Haul

{Press Sample}

Trust Fund Beauty sent me some of their pink polishes to show you! I might have confessed that pink was my favorite color so they spoiled me with a box of pink! Hooray!

Trust Fund Beauty By Felicia is a hot, hot pink crelly.

trust-fund-beauty-bye-felicia-swatch trust-fund-beauty-bye-felicia

Trust Fund Beauty Naughty By Design is a metallic pink.

trust-fund-beauty-naughty-by-design-swatch trust-fund-beauty-naughty-by-design

Trust Fund Beauty Hungover & Pretty is a mauve creme that has the slightest hint of golden shimmers.

trust-fund-beauty-hungover-and-pretty-swatch trust-fund-beauty-hungover-and-pretty

Trust Fund Beauty Flirty and Dirty is another mauve polish, but it’s slightly lighter.

trust-fund-beauty-flirty-and-dirty trust-fund-beauty-flirty-and-dirty-swatch

The Trust Fund Beauty formula is slightly thicker than what I’m used to, but the brush is awesome so it makes it really easy to apply.

Author: Anne

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