Pretty Serious Halloween 2015 Collection

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It’s a tad past Halloween but since Halloween is my favorite holiday so when I was offered the collection to swatch I said yes, of course! This is a collection of 5 cremes and glitters – all of which are great for fall. I know, I know, it’s like spring or something right now. But who cares? I’m loving these colors!

Pretty Serious Gloomy Kitty is a deep cranberry creme.



Pretty Serious Pumpkin Head is an orange creme that has just a hint of jelly-ness to it.

pretty-serious-pumpkin-head-swatch pretty-serious-pumpkin-head

Pretty Serious The Singing Seed is a green and gold microglitter that I’ve layered on top of Pumpkin Head.

pretty-serious-the-singing-seed-swatch pretty-serious-the-singing-seed

Pretty Serious Baron Von Bootiful is a greenish gray creme.

pretty-serious-baron-von-bootiful-swatch pretty-serious-baron-von-bootiful

Pretty Serious Fossil of the Death Worm Is a reddish brown microglitter polish that I sponged on to the tips.

pretty-serious-fossil-of-the-death-worm pretty-serious-fossil-of-the-death-worm-swatch

Pretty Serious Darkling Squishy is a crelly evergreen polish.

pretty-serious-darkling-squishy-swatch pretty-serious-darkling-squishy

Pretty Serious Baphomet’s Berserker is a black jelly with multi-colored small, circle glitters.



This is a great little collection. I think Darkling Squishy is my favorite. It’s so vibrant!!! Pretty Serious really knows how to get a creme polish right!

Author: Anne

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