The Easiest Way to Travel with Perfume – Travalo!

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Travalo sent me their Classic HD perfume travel bottle to show you. The Travalo is a 5ml fragrance spray bottle that is approved by the TSA. It’s compatable with any of your existing perfume bottles and is super-duper easy to fill up. Plus, the Classic HD model is compatible with their other stylized bottles meaning you can mix and match!


Now, get ready to try and be mature because the bottle does look like a device that is meant for female self pleasure. Since this little guy doesn’t take batteries, you can rest assured that it can’t be used in that manner. :P


The refill instructions are easy to follow and even easier to do. Simply pull the cap off your bottle of perfume and stick the end of the Travalo over the tip of the bottle. Basically, the Travalo is temporarily replacing the the little squirter cap.

Then, pump the Travalo on top of the bottle until you have filled it up. Replace the little squirter cap on your perfume and you’re done! It seriously took me like 5 seconds. It was very easy.

You can now see in the little tube that there is perfume in my Travalo.


Then, just take the lid off the other end and you have a perfect sized little perfume bottle! It’s great for travelling!


I would recommend this little guy because it’s so easy to use and is a great way to travel with your perfume. Just do me one favor, ok? Please don’t wear perfume on the day you’re flying. Nobody likes to sit next to someone wearing perfume. ;)

Author: Anne

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