5 Mistakes New Bloggers Make


I’m veering off my beaten path a little bit today. I’ve been blogging for over four years now and I’ve learned a lot along the way. As new bloggers enter the market, I’ve seen a few make mistakes that can easily be avoided. I am by no means a professional, full-time blogger. (That’s the dream, right?!) However, I consistently get offered press samples, I have a steady following, and decent pageviews.

The following article lists 5 of the top mistakes I see new bloggers make. I feel I’m in a strong enough position to share my opinions now and I hope they will be helpful to you – whether or not you’re seasoned or just starting out!

  1. Dropping links in other bloggers’ comments sections.
    This seems like a good idea, right? Maybe the followers of the bigger blog will see your link and discover you! However, this is a surefire way to piss off the bigger blogger and get blocked from their comments section. Bloggers have long memories – and so do people in the polish world! That’s a double whammy! new-bloggersThe reason why this is a mistake is because it’s rude. The big blogger has spent years and thousands and thousands of dollars creating good content, marketing themselves, and building a following from the ground up. Do not waltz in and drop your links hoping to ride their coat tails.
  2. Not spending time learning the craft of blogging.
    Blogging is hard and it takes a very special set of skills to be successful at it. Not only do you need to be an expert in your blogging topic of choice, but you need to be an expert in how to blog to begin with. There are a ton of blogs about blogging, but here are my personal favorites:
    By Regina
    Pushing Social
    Additionally, you need to spend a lot of timing learning about photography if pictures are the main focus of your blog. This takes a lot of time to learn and many seasoned bloggers continue to tweak their photography process over time. You could have the best nail art in the world, but if your pictures are crappy, nobody is going to care.
  3. Adding monetization and expecting press samples too soon.
    Hitting the “publish” button is not a magic bullet to getting people’s attention. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen a new blogger ask how they can get press samples and when I go to their blog, they have ONE post. I. kid. you. not. Getting noticed by brands takes years of consistent, quality blogging. If you want to start getting noticed, tag the brands on social media when you post about their products. Don’t beg for reshares, simply tag them, use their preferred hashtags and let it go. If you’re consistent with high quality photos (see above), the brands WILL notice you. Consistent social media tagging was how I was noticed by China Glaze, Sally Hansen, NYC, NYX, and more. (I’m still coming for you, OPI. Watch out! :P)
  4. Being shy about appropriately sharing pictures and links
    I’ve noticed many new bloggers don’t have the confidence to share their work on social media. Obviously, don’t share until you’re ready, but keep in mind that literally nobody will find you if you’re not marketing yourself. Do your self-promotion appropriately (eg, don’t drop links in other people’s comments section, don’t break rules in Facebook groups) and people will appreciate the face that you’re sharing your work with them.
  5. Seeing other bloggers as competition.
    Believe it or not, other bloggers are an amazing source of support, information, and knowledge. If you see other bloggers as competition, you’ll be missing out on a huge pool of information. Network with other bloggers, join blogging Facebook groups, talk to other bloggers and learn from them! If there are mistakes to be made, other bloggers know about them. You may as well learn from other people’s mistakes than try to make them all on your own and learn the hard way!


I hope this article was helpful for you. I would be happy to take a look at your site and provide my opinion. Having an objective pair of eyes on your site can help you see where the biggest are

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