ColorProof Styling Products Review

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¬†ColorProof sent me these styling and hair care products to review for you. I’ve reviewed some of these products before and I really enjoyed them. My vivid hair colorist comments each time I visit that she’s impressed with how little fading I have. I use ColorProof most days so I can only assume that it has something to do with my results!


The ColorProof leave-in conditioner (green bottle) smells delightful. It has shea butter in it so it smells really great! It makes my hair really smooth and easy to style. The ColorProof Split End Mender works ok. I wasn’t super blown away. My ends are pretty fried so it would take nothing short of a miracle to make them look good. This guy isn’t quite up to the task, but it certainly didn’t hurt.


I also received the Color Proof Super Plump conditioner, the Lift Foam Mousse, and the Moisture Treatment.


The red Super Plump conditioner and the red bottled lift mousse are absolutely my favorite ColorProof items so far! They smell really great and I love what they do to my hair! The mousse adds a lot of nice volume and really helps my hair hold any curls I put in.


I would really recommend the red bottle line of ColorProof. I am very impressed with the nourishment and hold these products gave me.


Author: Anne

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