GlitterDaze Shipload of Seamen

{Purchased by Me}

This post is a quick look at GlitterDaze Shipload of Seamen. This is from the March Daze of the Month subscription box. This time every year, she always has a hilariously named polish. However, she does include an alternate name with a label in  case you don’t have a sense of humor. I think it was “Deep Blue Sea” or something like this time. (Why in the hell would I want a polish called that when I can have a Shipload of Seamen??)

Two coats. It’s blue. You have eyes. Look at it. :P

glitterdaze-shipload-of-seamen glitterdaze-shipload-of-seamen-swatch

Er Mer Gerd. I made a video. You’re welcome.

Author: Anne

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