NudeStix Matte Pencil Review

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NudeStix sent me two of their matte lip colors and their blurring pencil to review for you. These are sold at Sephora but you can get 4-5% cashback if you click through the shopathome coupon first. :) (You’re welcome.)

nudestix-review nudestix

Nudestix come in a really nice tin that holds both the stick and a sharpener-with room to spare! The lid of the tin even has a mirror so it’s rather a perfect traveling companion.nudestix-reviewsreview-of-nudestix

The colors are nice and vibrant. They swatched smoothly on the back of my hand without any tugging or added pressure. The two colors they sent me are Belle (taupe) and Royal (red).


Here I am sporting Royal. I used the blurring pencil underneath which helped fill in the creases in my lips. (Damn you calendar! Always making me older!)


Here is my look using Belle. This one is a much more casual tone and almost matches the natural color of my lips. This is a great nude color for that finished look. nudestix-matte-belle

Both of these colors went on very smoothly. Even though they’re a touch matte, I did not feel like my lips were doing to dry up and fall off. Yay!

Author: Anne

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