It Cosmetics Review

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It Cosmetics sent me quite a few products to review for you!


I was pretty surprised at how much came in this box.


It Cosmetics sent me five shades of their CC+ Creme. I will use the lightest, of course! I used this as a warm-up to my full-coverage foundation. My normal routine is cleanse, moisturize, BB cream, foundation, concealor. I used the It Cosmetics CC+ cream in place of my usual BB cream.

This is a very light coverage cream. It is nicely moisturizing. However, it has a bit of a strange scent that I can’t quite place.


It Cosmetics sent me four shades of their Bye Bye Undereye concealer. Once again, I’ll be using the lightest one!

This conceler does a great job of covering up my blemishes and under eye circles. This does not have the strange smell that the CC cream has so that is a relief.


This is their Bye-Bye Pores Powder. It’s translucent so it can be used over any skin tone.

This is a great setting powder – especially if you don’t like the over powdered look. (Who does?!)


This is a fluffy powder brush. I fell in love with this brush at first use! It dusts the perfect amount of powder on and the small brush on the dual end allows for more detailed work.


Next is the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. I’m crazy in love with this mascara. It makes my lashes va-va-va-voom! This might be my new go-to mascara. That really means something since I’ve been with my other mascara for years and years!


Finally, the Brow Power pencil. This is an It Cosmetics product that has never worked for me. It doesn’t seem to apply any product on my brows. This is the third time I’ve tried it and it still just isn’t working for me. I think this is a love it or leave it kind of product. I’m sure it works great for some people!it-cosmetics-brow-power

Here I am sporting all the products except the brow powder.

it-cosmetics-cc-creme-review it-cosmetics-reviews

My favorites are the brush and the mascara. Those certainly are must-tries! Have you tried these or any of the other items in this set I got?

As for what I’m doing with the products that don’t match my skin tone…I’m waiting for the blessing from It Cosmetics and then I’ll decide if I’m going to give them to friends…or make them some giveaway prizes! :)

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