Zoya Petals – The Spring 2016 Collection

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Zoya sent me their Spring 2016 collection to play with. When the press releases for this collection first came out, the initial internet reaction seemed to be of the ‘not impressed’ category.


I wasn’t sure what to make of the collection. I wanted to get them on my fingers before I made any judgements. Well…spoiler alert…I think they are rockin’ – for the most part. Keep reading to see what I’d change about the collection.


Zoya Laurel is the only real, true creme of the bunch. And even at that, she has a tiny touch of shimmer that you can spot in my macro picture below. Since she does have shimmer, I think we should invent a new finish name. How around sheam? Or creimmer? I think I’ll go with sheam since creimmer sounds rather sexual. ;)

zoya-laurel-swatch zoya-laurel zoya-laurel-macro

Zoya Azalea is a bright pink with lots of beautiful shimmer. This one is a real winner. So beautiful!

zoya-azalea-swatch zoya-azalea zoya-azalea-macro

Zoya Zahara is another shimmer in the collection that is really so pretty.




Zoya Aster is the purple shimmer. I should have done three coats like I did for the other two shimmers. You can see some patchiness in these pictures – especially the macro. With a third coat, this would have looked great. As it is, Aster is quite pretty and you couldn’t really see the patchiness in real life.



Zoya Tulip is like Laurel in the sense that it’s a creme..I mean sheam…

zoya-tulip-swatch zoya-tulip zoya-tulip-macro

Zoya Leia is pretty darn amazing. In these swatches, I layered her over black. This gorgeous polish has a ton of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild! I know I have a lot of plans for Leia!!


zoya-leia-swatch zoya-leia-macro

I think this collection is lovely. However, I do think there are too many of the same color family (pink/coral). I would have loved to see a mint green or a Tiffany Blue in one of those shimmer finishes. That would have made the collection more diverse. As it is, I would recommend picking up the few that catch your eye, but the entire collection isn’t necessary unless you’re an avid Zoya fan or an avid pink/coral fan!

Which one of the Zoya Petals polishes is your favorite?

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