Fairytale Finish Mystery Swatches

The amazing Chelsea of smackerlacquer bought a couple of mystery bags from Fairytale Finish. Today we’re each going to swatch three of the mystery colors so be sure to stop by her site today as well!

This is Fairytale Finish Mystery White Crelly #1. When Chelsea showed me the mystery polishes, I immediately called ‘dibs’ on this one! This is a white crelly with blue and green glitters. This white is pretty opaque – she actually could have used less white pigment in it! :)

fairytale-finish-mystery-white-crelly-1 fairytale-finish mystery-white-crelly fairytale-finish-mystery-white-crelly-macro


Fairytale Finish Mystery Holo #20 is a black holo. It does not have a strong holo presence, but it’s definitely there in the light.

fairy-tale-finish-mystery-holo-macrofairytale-finish-mystery-holo-20 fairy-tale-finish-mystery-holo fairy-tale-finish-mystery-holo-macro


Fairytale Finish Mystery Holo #21 is a beautiful pink. However, there is not really any holo in here. Very up close you can kind of see bits of shimmer, but it’s really not holo. If this was marketed as a creme, it would be just perfect!

fairytale-finish-mystery-holo-21-swatch fairytale-finish-mystery-holo-21


Check out the other half of this collection at smackerlacquer!

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