Mango Bunny Polish Gem Collection

{Purchased by Me}

Today I have the Mango Bunny Polish gem collection to show you! I bought this collection at a recent gathering where my darling friend Ed (co-owner of Mango Bunny Polish) was present. I saw these beauties on the ‘for sale’ table and knew I had to have them right away! All swatches shown are two coats.

Mango Bunny Polish Fig Newton is a gorgeous shimmery purple.




Mango Bunny Polish Aut-ohm Green is the perfect emerald color.

mango-bunny-polish-aut-ohm-green mango-bunny-polish-aut-ohm-swatch mango-bunny-polish-aut-ohm-green-macro

Mango Bunny Polish La Volt-a is a deep, deep purple. It almost looks black. Maybe it even is black!

mango-bunny-polish-la-volt-a-swatch mango-bunny-polish-la-volt-a mango-bunny-polish-la-volt-a-macro

Mango Bunny Polish Mega Watt is my favorite of the collection. I love the little splash of chunky gold glitters.

mango-bunny-polish-mega-watt mango-bunny-polish-mega-watt-swatch mango-bunny-polish-mega-watt-macro

Mango Bunny Polish Ampere-ial Blue is actually quite purple. It’s a royal purple so if that’s what you see then your monitor is not playing tricks on you! (Despite “blue” being in the name!)

mango-bunny-polish-ampere-ial-blue mangp-bunny-polish-ampere-ial-blue mango-bunny-polish-ampere-ial-blue-macro

What do you think of this gem collection from Mango Bunny Polish?

Author: Anne

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