Mani Swap-a-roo

Today’s post is my first-ever mani swap with another blogger! Chelsea from smackerlacquer invited me to do one and I thought, “Why the hell not?” Now, I know other people have asked me casually to do one before. But Chelsea actually gave me a due date. LOL. So here it is!

I picked Chelsea’s 49ers Nail Art. She did a lovely skittlette mani with 49ers colors and wrote a great post about how rude fans of other teams have been to her. So first of all, I owe Chelsea and apology. I was probably one of those people who guffawed when she bravely admitted to being a 49ers fan smack dab in the middle of Seahawks Country. Obviously, anyone is allowed to like whatever team they want! (Except the Patriots. Barf. Just Kidding…Kind of.)


So in honor of her selected sports team, I chose this beautiful mani for the mani swap…under one condition…I got to use Seahawks colors. :P While I respect that she’s a 49ers fan, I’ve gotta have Seahawks nails!!



I started with a base color of Fairytale Finish White Mystery Crelly #1. (I’ll have a plain swatch of this for you next week. So stay tuned!!)



Then, I used Pipe Dream Polish All In and High Roller (both from the Night in Vegas collection which is no longer available.)

seahawks-nail-art-ideas seahawks-nail-art

Thanks for stopping by today and make sure to check out Chelsea’s blog to see which of my nail art creations she used!

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