Fairytale Finish February 2016 – The Jelly Sandwich!

{Purchased by Me}

This month’s Fairytale Finish subscription box brings us the jelly sandwich. This is one of my favorite nail techniques and I haven’t done it in forever! I’m glad Amanda sent these to remind me of an oldie but a goodie technique. A jelly sandwich is where you take a sheer polish and a (usually) a glitter polish and do one coat of each (starting with the sheer) until you reach your desired opacity. This month, the two polishes are Rock Candy (a deep purple jelly) and For the Love of Nerds (a mish mash of purple glitters.)

I ended up doing four layers in all – jelly, glitter, jelly, glitter.


The appeal of the jelly sandwich is that it has a ton of depth. You can see through the purple sheer polish down to the first layer of glitter. It gives it an almost 3D effect. This technique is also referred to as a pond mani. However, I find that people usually use ‘pond’ when it’s stamping instead of glitter. (That kind of mani takes forever to do since you have to wait for each layer to fully dry in order to stamp multiple times. If you ever see a pond mani, take a moment to appreciate how long it took!)



The Fairytale Finish February 2016 is a great duo by the lovely Amanda!

In completely unrelated news… I’ve recruited a few volunteers to help me plan the most epic of all polish get togethers!

We are in the early planning stages and would love your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out our quick survey, here!

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