NYC Lovatics Collection

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NYC sent me their new Lovatics collection to play with! This collection is by Demi Lovato. My husband loves Demi so how could I not review her makeup?? I was sent two of the lip and cheek stains as well as the natural palette.  The two stains are Cheeky Pink and Cheeky Berry.


The NYC Lovatics Collection palette is gorgeous. It has a lot of shades in common with a popular high-end nude palette. This NYC Natural palette has a great mix of matte and shimmer. This allows for a lot of different looks! You can go very light and nude with this palette or you can do something deeper and smokey.


The shadows aren’t quite as smooth and blendable as its famous counterpart, but this is definitely an affordable option to look in to. The palette also doesn’t have shades that are a dark as the leading competitor’s. I actually prefer this as I rarely wear black or dark gray shadows.



This lip and cheek tints were a huge win for me. Normally, I can only wear a stain one day because two days in a row causes my lips to dry out too painfully. This stain did not do that! I was very amazed and thrilled. It lasted most of the day, too! I found myself reapplying at lunch after I’d eaten. When I reapplied, it blended well into the parts of my lip that were still stained from the morning. Sometimes, stain residue doesn’t blend and you end up looking like some sort of weird clown.




I liked the shadows a lot, but it’s really those stains that are the winners. Those are a must-try!


Have you seen this collection in your local drugstore yet? I know that I want to pick up the other two shades of the stains. :D

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