Liposomes Beauty Gelle Review

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NeoCell Beauty sent me their Lipsomes Collagen replenishing beauty gelle to review for you! I’ve been using this every night for two weeks. This gelle leaves my skin silky smooth. The first night I tried it, I couldn’t stop touching my skin. It felt like a baby’s bottom.


It does have a gel-like texture. I use about two pea-sized blobs to cover my whole face. I have very dry skin so someone with normal to oily skin could use a lot less. This greaseless formula firms and supports instantly, not heavy, and lets skin breath.


I’m very happy with this beauty gelle and I might just need to purchase more when I’ve used up this sample! Have you ever heard of or used Liposomes Beauty Gelle? It was new to me but I’m really glad I know about it now!



Author: Anne

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