Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper Review

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Born Pretty Store sent me this clear jelly stamper to review for you. I am so excited to be able to review these because this style of stamper is all the rage right now. It seems like everyone is making one and every stampaholic wants one!


The reason these are so popular is because you can see right through it. This is a camera shot from the top of the stamper. Historically, stamping heads have been colored and the casing has been closed. The open casing with the clear stamping head makes a huge difference in your ability to place the design on the nail exactly where you want it.



I had to rough this guy up a bit with my nail file and acetone. I know a lot of people say to never use acetone on your stamper heads. But what can I say? I’m a rebel like that.  So here’s an unremarkable picture. We’re all used to seeing this side of the stamper.



But wait! There’s more! Flip that baby over and you can see the design right through the top! When you go to stamp this on your nail, you can see your nail through the stamper as well. This means a perfect placement. Every. Single. Time.



The clear stampers really are worth all the hype. With years of practice, I’ve been able to get my stamps centered and straight on my nail. Now I can do it without hardly even trying!!

The designs are from Born Pretty Store Plate Bp-L011. I used Konad Black to stamp and GlitterGaze S-urchin For Love as my base color.





Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


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