How to Get a Flawless Skin Look

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I get complimented frequently on my skin both online and in real life. After gaining the courage, I decided to show you how to get flawless skin (or at least skin that looks flawless!). This is the routine I do almost every day. It will be too cumbersome for some, but it works for me and doesn’t actually take that long.

My skin is quite fair, sensitive, and dry. Obviously this routine won’t work for every person on the planet but maybe you can get an idea or two.

On the left is my skin straight out of the shower. I use Cetaphil skin cleanser as my morning and night facewash.  As tempting as it might be, never go to bed without washing your face. On the right is my ‘after’ picture. It’s amazing to see these picture side-by-side. Makeup really is a wondrous creation and I love playing with it!




Now it’s time for a little moisture! I am using derma e dark circle eye cream, which I reviewed in full in here. I’ve also been using Sea Buckthorn facial cream which is a very light moisturizer and I reviewed it in full here.



Doesn’t look much different than my 100% bare face but it sure does feel better!



Next in line is a BB Cream. I actually like the L’Oreal one a lot better but my drugstore has been sold out for a while so I’ve been using this Maybelline one.



Now my skin is starting to look a little more evened out. There are still noticeable blemishes and flaws, but now we’re getting somewhere!



Next up is my trusty green stick. The label has worn off but I believe this is Physician’s Formula. The green will cancel out any redness.



I use the green stick under my eyes, around my nose, and on any acne scarring I have.



And now we start getting into the serious business of looking flawless. I use Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. I use the wonderful Beauty Blender to apply it. However, I hiiiiiiiiighly recommend going to Sephora and doing their skin ID foundation match service. This made a huge difference for me. Once I got the exact right match for foundation, everything else seemed to fall in place. They will give you three pretty decent-sized samples of foundations that match. Each sample lasted about a week for me. That meant I could wear it daily and make sure it was the right foundation for me. When I’d decided which I liked, I went online and purchased it. It was so convenient and easy.



Oh hey! Look at that! Foundation and concealor make a huge difference!



Now it’s time to add a little dimension back in my face! I am currently using this Laura Geller Baked Blush that I got in a recent Ipsy bag.



It adds just a little dimension to my cheeks. I’m not a contouring type of person. I’ve never been able to master that art, so I keep this part of the makeup routine pretty simple.



Now it’s time for some powder to set all that liquidy stuff onto my face. I use the Tarte loose powder with a big fluffy brush to simply to a light dusting all over my face. I do this step after applying blush because it will help blend the blush in.




Once I have my face looking flawless, then I finally have my blank canvas to start doing the super fun parts! The look all comes together once my brows, eyes, and lips are done.



At night, I wash this all off with Cetaphil and some eye makeup remover (depending on what type of products I used on my eyes). I will reapply the derma e Dark Circle Eye Cream and I will use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion before I go to bed. I haven’t found a need (yet) for anything much heavier than that. I’m sure as I age, I’ll need to start using an actual night cream to keep fully moisturized.

What I don’t show in the photos is how much water I drink. I’m a thirsty, thirsty lady. Apparently, this helps contribute to my skin. So does genetics! So I want to take a moment to thank my mom and dad for having good skin and passing it along to me.



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