Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream Review

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I was sent this Himalayan Sea Buckthorn facial cream to review. The packaging touts a high concentration of sea buckthorn for healthier, beautiful skin. You can read more about sea buckthorn here on WebMD.


I’ve been using this facial cream every morning for a few weeks (at the time of this writing.) It is a very lightweight moisturizer which works perfectly under my daily BB cream routine. (Look for an upcoming post on my entire face routine!!) This cream is a little too lightweight for me to use at night. I have quite dry skin so I need something heavier at night. This would be perfect morning and night for someone who has oily to medium skin.


I frequently get complimented on my skin both in real life and online. So as you can imagine, I’m very careful about how I take care of it! This Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream has become part of my standard daily routine. As with any product, you’ll want to do a spot test to ensure you don’t have allergies. I always do this when I’m reviewing something new. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a rash all over your face! And that has certainly happened to me before!


I would recommend trying this facial cream if you’re in the market for a good, lightweight moisturizer. You can see the whole line of products at


I hope you enjoyed my Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream review! I know I enjoyed testing this out for you!

Author: Anne

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