Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat Review

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Bliss Kiss has sent me their new miracle mat to review for you. (Also available on Amazon!) This is a silicone mat that is highly useful for all sorts of nail art. The main reason people buy silicone nail art mats is for making nail art decals. This mat is available today (1/12/2016) in the US and will be available internationally on the 14th.


This is my favorite part of the Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat – the stamp testing zone. You can stamp directly on to the black and/or white areas to see how a polish might stamp over a light or a dark polish. This comes in so handy when you’re trying to plan out nail art but you’re using polish combinations you haven’t tried before.


Another fantastic use of the Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat is making decals. You can make stamped decals by following the easy directions here. And don’t worry! You don’t have to memorize them. They are printed right on the mat for you. Later in this post you’ll see that you can actually use the mat to make more than just stamp decals. I tried my hand at needle drag nail art for the very first time using this mat!



Here’s a shot of my mat while I’m making needle drag nail art decals. My husband was wildly intrigued by this process and kept coming over to see what I was doing in between rounds of Call of Duty. I swear to God that anything that takes him away from CoD is definitely something to write home about!!!



Here’s what the decals look like when you peel them off that mat and stick them to your nail. (Your basecoat should still be wet. I did one nail at a time to ensure my base coat didn’t dry too quickly.)


I use cuticle clippers to trim off most of the excess decal and used a brush dipped in acetone for detailed clean up work. You can see on my pinky nail that I didn’t put the decal close enough to my cuticle. Flaws aside, for my first-ever needle drag nail art, I have to admit this isn’t half bad. I used Sally Hansen Orchid Me Not and Sally Hansen Blue My Mind.



I accidentally found out that the mat is super handy for rhinestomes as well. The black squares make it a ton easier to see the rhinestones. Also, the mat has a bit of give so it’s much easier to pick them up! This was a nice little surprise. Plus, you’re not in too much danger of knocking the rhinestones off the mat because it has a lip around the edge. You can see the lip in the far left of the below photo.


Thanks again to Bliss Kiss for sending me their Miracle Mat! This is a huge help to all sorts of nail art! I highly recommend picking it up. And while you’re shopping on their site, you simply must get their liquid latex and their cuticle oil!

Author: Anne

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