Doctor Who Nail Polish

{Purchased by Me}

I got my hands on Pretty Serious Type 40 which is a blue creme named after the TARDIS in Doctor Who. The name “type 40” refers to the model number of the TARDIS which the Doctor stole to travel the universe. I’m a teeeeny bit obsessed with Doctor Who so I knew I needed to have this in my collection. This is the BBC approved Pantone color that matches the TARDIS. I have some nail art using this (with a detailed TARDIS!) coming up later this week, so be sure to stop by on Friday.



Speaking of my collection…here is my Doctor Who lego set!doctor-who-legos

Here is my Doctor Who shelf. Yep. All the toys are unopened. I am officially one of ‘those’ people! (And I’m not sad to say this shelf has grown since I took this picture about a week ago….)


One of my favorite pieces of my collection is the wall art I have above my polish shelves. It’s high on the wall so it is a touch hard to see in the picture.


Here is my collection of the Funko Pop figurines. Oh, and I really like zombies too. So that’s why I have my zombie figures on the same shelf. :)


Lastly, my Doctor Who clock. Don’t worry, it keeps accurate time. It’s not wibbly-wobbly or anything. :)


As of last week, I have officially watched every available minute of Doctor Who…including the classic show. Now I’m rewatching (for the fourth time) the new seasons. I just can’t get enough. I. Can’t. Get. Enough.

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