Mango Bunny Polish Winter Collection

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Mango Bunny Polish was kind enough to gift me their winter collection! This is a set of four polishes that are all quite delightful in their own different ways.

Brrr Bunny is a frosty light blue. It has tiny little shimmers in it that you can see in the sun, but not in pictures. The shimmer helps give the polish depth.



Mint-er Weather is a lovely mint green that also has tiny bits of shimmer in it. The shimmer in this one appears golden in the sun and it’s quite striking.



Frostlite was one that I thought I wouldn’t like, but is a top contender as my favorite of the collection! I did three coats to build up this white crelly, but it’s sooo worth it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The white crelly with the light blue glitters definitely screams winter and cold but also gives the mani a clean and polished look.



Snow Cold is a navy blue jelly with various sized glitters in it. It’s on the thick side, but that meant I only needed two coats of this jelly for full opacity.



I’ve been a huge fan of Mango Bunny Polish since their inception and I still am. I think their polishes have gone from good to great and I can’t wait to see what they come out with for 2016!

Author: Anne

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